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#2 What's Hot Classic by

The original What's Hot experience

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#3 Discover by

Trending content from your personal network

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#4 What's Science by

A curated feed from Bluesky scientists, science communicators, and related experts; speaking from their expertise. Flag to be added or for more info! 🧪

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#5 OnlyPosts by

Posts from people you follow without reposts and replies

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#6 Blacksky by

Amplifying the voices of any and all Black users. Use #BlackSky to include an individual post or make a post with #AddToBlackSky so that all your posts show up in the feed.

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#7 Likes by

Your Likes. See more at

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#8 Home+ by

Its the Home feed Blue Sky was missing until now: A feed that shows those you care about, and adds interesting content from your extended social circles giving you a familiar, twitter home like experience

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#9 Popular With Friends by

A mix of popular content from accounts you follow and content that your follows like.

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#10 🐾 New by

Posts by furries across Bluesky. Contains a mix of SFW and NSFW content. Join the furry feeds by following

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